Is preheating an oven really necessary?

The answer may be obvious, but it’s YES!  You absolutely do!!  Baking a great cake is one of the fundamentals required in order to have a great looking and tasting cake.  For some, it’s second nature.  Where baking wonderful treats comes easily and naturally for them.  While for others, it takes great effort, work and concentration to deliver the same results.  However, many CAKE-astrophies and issues can be resolved by understanding each step of baking and why it’s important.  So what is a baker to do?


Preheat your oven for 10-15 minutes to the temperature provided in your recipe.  This step is so basic, that sometimes this step is overlooked.  But it’s very important.  Preheating gives your oven a chance to heat up to the proper temperature to bake your cake.

Baking your cake in an un-preheated oven means that you’re initially baking your cake at a lower temperature.  This may cause you to under-bake your cake which may cause it to sink in the middle, or to over-bake resulting in a dry cake.


Minute errors in baking are also sometimes caused by inaccurate oven temperatures.  It’s recommended to get an inexpensive oven thermometer to remedy the problem.


~ Happy baking


How to Become a Young Living Member/Distributor

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Option #3 – Retail Customer

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